Council Contacts

Position Name Telephone
Accounting Specialist Tanzie Faison (904) 265-3810 Email
Accounting Specialist Assistant Jerry Scogin (904) 265-3811 Email
Administrative Service/Product Sales/Youth Protection JB Owens (904) 265-3822 Email
Alachua District Chair Bill Logeson (352) 222-6325 Email
Alachua District Executive John Steinmeyer (904) 608-3542 Email
Baden Powell District Chair Andria Barber (904) 728-1810 Email
Baden Powell District Commissioner William Anno (904) 583-3227 Email
Baden Powell District Executive Rick Grunz (904) 400-2496 Email
Black Creek Commissioner Robert Midgett (904) 318-7697 Email
Black Creek District Chair Larry Nichols (904) 434-9376 Email
Black Creek District Executive Tawny Slaughter (904) 265-3804 Email
Camp Shands Assistant Ranger Van Evans (352) 475-1212 Email
Camp Shands Ranger Robert Burns (352) 475-1212 Email
Camping Secretary Carrie Kurtz (904) 265-3801 Email
Coleman and Pam Young Jacksonville Scout Shop Manager Gail Karas (904) 384-9256 Email
Coleman and Pam Young Jacksonville Scout Shop Sales Associate Jackie Williams (904) 384-9256 Email
Coucil VP of Finance Mac Holley
Council Attorney Eric Hearn
Council Commissioner Karen Kircher
Council Committee Member Daniel Brown
Council Committee Member Steve Bacalis
Council Committee Member Barry Allred
Council Committee Member Judge Gerald Tjoflat
Council Committee Member John Strom
Council Committee Member Larry Rolfe
Council President Rob Heekin
Council Treasurer Blair Fonda
Council VP of District Operations Mouse Sterling
Council VP of Endowment Phil Voss
Council VP of Learning for Life David Boree
Council VP of Marketing Mike White
Council VP of Membership David Sillick
Council VP of Program Jose Lepervanche
Council VP of Properties Major Harding
Customer Service Seca Wilcox (904) 388-0591 Email
Development Director Gary Stasco (904) 265-3817 Email
Director of Field Service/COO Patrick Linfors (904) 265-3819 Email
Eastern Service Area Field Director/Learning for Life Director Denise Dreyer (904) 265-3828 Email
Fundraising Assistant Robyn Lowe (904) 265-3825 Email
Great Muskogee District Chair David Karas (706) 836-7509 Email
Great Muskogee District Commissioner Rico Blanco (904) 588-3494 Email
Learning for Life Executive Michelle Thompson (904) 265-3807 Email
Marion District Chair Bob Schlegel (352) 512-0890 Email
Marion District Commissioner John Fernandez (352) 867-7659 Email
Marion District Executive Daniel Smith (904) 629-3111 Email
Marketing Specialist Leann Lewis (904) 265-3813 Email
Office Manager Jana Metzger (904) 388-0593 Email
Osceola District Commissioner Nate Hughes (252) 452-9565 Email
Program Director Eli Rivera (904) 265-3816 Email
Registrar Becky Wigfield (904) 265-3815 Email
Registrar Assistant Stacey Lupo (904) 388-5440 Email
River Bend District Chair Bill Bishop (904) 356-2654 Email
River Bend District Commissioner Steve Williams (904) 424-9336 Email
River Bend District Executive Victoria Campanini (904) 655-9397 Email
Scout Executive Secretary Robyn Troup (904) 265-3802 Email
Scout Executive/CEO Jack Sears (904) 265-3800 Email
ScoutReach Commissioner Darryl Fleming (904) 699-5165 Email
ScoutReach Program Specialist John Carter (904) 265-3827 Email
ScoutReach Program Specialist Fredo Adriano (904) 265-3805 Email
Shawnee District Chair Terrance Freeman (904) 813-7935 Email
Shawnee District Commissioner William Messick (904) 646-0843 Email
Shawnee District Executive Meleah Noland Dennis (904) 265-3809 Email
Southern Service Area Field Director Cole Walters (904) 265-3823 Email
St. Johns RiverBase at Echockotee Ranger Frank Geer (904) 250-9981 Email
Suwannee River District Chair Robert Mathis Email
Suwannee River District Commissioner Rick Dalton (386) 855-4992 Email
Suwannee River District Executive Truman Magley (260) 570-2359 Email
Timucua District Chairman Mark Motl (386) 916-9275 Email
Timucua District Commissioner Joe Wells (386) 937-3334 Email
Timucua District Executive Parker Cantelou (386) 530-1531 Email
Webmaster Catrine Fredrikson (904) 269-8630 Email
Western Area Field Director Tade Sullivan (240) 500-0235 Email